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Two of my favoritest things; my wife Elisa, and a volcano (Mt. Jefferson in Oregon). My other favoritest thing is our son Shannon Keith Wells-Moran

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I grew up in the sticks of Pelham, Massachusetts, a sleepy town of 1500 just next door to Amherst. My companions were Mom & Pops & Baby Sister (Kay, Charlie & Amy). I liked volcanoes & earthquakes, the Red Sox, soccer and the Bee Gees (until 6th grade), and started playing violin at age 8, which turned out to be too late to become the next Yo Yo Ma. I tried the music thing anyway, going to Greenwood Music Camp for a bunch of summers. Started tennis in junior high, finally making the team senior year as the 12th & last player off the bench for the 1988 Western Mass boys champion Amherst Hurricanes tennis team (yes, there was a hurricane that hit Amherst, but a loooong time ago. Still, way better than the UMass Minuteman mascot).

After growing up in an academic family in a 3-college town, I, much to everyone's surpise, chose to go to college; Oberlin College, to be exact, where I majored in geology. While doing the geology thing, I found my interest in volcanoes & earthquakes rekindled, a difficult subject matter to study in flat, flat Ohio. So, I moved west to Seattle in 1988 and started grad school in geophysics at the University of Washington, where I did a master's degree on seismicity and stress beneath Mount St. Helens and a Ph.D. on the seismotectonics of the Mount Rainier area. In 1997 I moved up to Anchorage, Alaska, to start working for the USGS at the Alaska Volcano Observatory. I am currently working on volcano-seismology-related projects at Katmai National Park, as well as at several Aleutian volcanoes and Mount Rainier, Washington. Any time left over is spent hanging out with my wife & son, cross-country skiing, playing fiddle with my bluegrass friends, or rooting for the Seattle Mariners.


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