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Who Am I

by choice since 1974.

Alaska Flag

A Seismologist
MS 1978 University of Alaska

See what is shaking in Alaska.

 A Geophysicist
BS 1974 University of Hawaii

 An Electrical Engineer
BSEE 1972 University of Hawaii (computer option)

 An Honors Student
1969 Rothesay Collegiate School

 I work at the top research institution in the state of Alaska: the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska as a Project Support Engineer in the Alaska Earthquake Information Center (AEIC) and Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO).

I am the Webmaster for the: National Preformance Review
Hammer award from Vice President Al Gore

EIT engineer certificate.

 Holder of an FCC General Radio Telephone License Number P2-23-2994.

 NABER certified radio technician.

 KL7XO, an Amateur Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator with an EXTRA class wife.

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 A Pilot without many hours.

Take a look at my photo of comet Hale-Bopp

 A PADI certified OPEN WATER DIVER number 83241458. PADI

 Oh yeah, a dad and a husband.

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Art Bell
Art Quit.  Sorry to see him go.


The National Debt Clock
National Debit Clock

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National Phone Book

e-mail directory Four 11

my favorite search engine

Alta Vista

Pet Peeves

The University of Alaska Parking Fees.

Lawyers: paid by my federal tax dollars to fight lawyers paid for by my state, and local tax dollars.

Removal, at all costs, of non-friable asbestos.


Drunk Drivers 

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