Southeastern Alaska Seismicity

Southeastern Alaska, also known as "the panhandle", includes the area of the state from Prince Wales Island to Icy Bay. In 1904, the state's first seismic monitoring station was installed in southeastern Alaska at the Astronomical Observatory in Sitka. It was the only seismic station monitoring earthquakes in Alaska until 1935 when a second station was installed at College near Fairbanks. The Sitka station continues to operate today as part of a statewide network of seismograph stations.

Major faults in the area include the Queen Charlotte fault, the Fairweather fault, and the Chatham Strait fault. Minor faults in the area include the Clarence Strait fault and the Peril Strait fault. The eastern end of the Denali and Transition faults (main discussions in Interior and Southcentral seismicity sections) are also found in southeastern Alaska.

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